Bluefin Data is creating the future of the seafood industry. Click here to learn more! Bluefin Data is the premier software development and data collection company for the seafood industry in the United States. Bluefin Data specializes in developing seafood landing software for state and federal agencies along the Gulf and East Coast. In addition to its work in the seafood industry, Bluefin Data proudly serves private industry, businesses and individuals as well. From databases to design, Bluefin Data is your partner for growth in the future.


Trip Ticket

The next best program for all the commercial fishing needs anyone could have. Spanning multiple regions, various authentication methods, and hundreds of users this is the magnum opis of Bluefin Data. Trip Ticket allows users to submit reports via a personal computer, tablet, or any other mobile device.


Andrew Petersen

Andrew is the kingpin and lead developer of Bluefin Data. Happily married for five years, Andrew stumbled upon his love of technology and entrepreneurship while making a living playing online poker after college. He began working with his father Claude at Bluefin Data in 2010.

Claude Petersen

Claude is the Patriarch and founder of Bluefin Data! He has a long history in the data collection and technology field. Claude is currently maintaining historical software and is constantly improving his knowledge of new technologies and innovations.

Bryan Cascio

Who is Bryan Cascio? To some he's a hard-working web developer who is proficient in a vast number of coding languages. To others he's just a Quidditch playing code monkey who graduated from Louisiana State University. To us he's exactly the kind of guy you want on your team.